Another winter, and then spring.


Its always there. The sidewalks of the bay sleep in deep beige hues. The perfect clarity of the air amazes me. When I pass a palm on my bike I try to see it obscuring the sun.

It is brighter here: it illuminates painted doors and walls of early morning streets. The feeling is flatter. This is the edge of the continent, and theres lots of space. The first thing you notice as someone from the north east, is the weather, then the colors, then the plant life. Its all a little off from something I was used to. The weather is beautiful and crisp, and the breeze gently carries the ionized air through the streets. My eye picks up more tan and beige tones as unusual spectrum's of light, as well as more bight colors due to the increased intensity of the sunlight.

now its 3 years later

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