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This is my art catalog.

I'm a graphic designer, artist and musician. This site is a portfolio of personal creative projects, a creative journal and an archive of most of my works to date. Enjoy!


Testing out my rain jacket design in Zion

Current San Francisco studio.

Current San Francisco studio.

Western Massachusetts Studio, 2007- 2009

Art Practice Timeline

pondering new works

pondering new works

1981 - 1989 First Drawings on paper Age 9.

1989 - 1993 Sketchbooks 

1993- 1997 Got my first 35mm Automatic Camera. Rolls and rolls of film over the years. 

1994 - 1997  Highschool Artroom Resident / Secret Darkroom Ops. 

1997 - 2001 Art School AIB, Computer arts and Painting.

2001 - 2004 - Painting Studio In Framingham Ma, MIll Building - Lost Paintings 

2004 - 2007  Brighton, Ma Collage , Painting years, Habitual Photography , Film and Recording Music Albums.

2007 - 2009 - Painting studio in Western Ma.  Collage and Oil on Canvas. Works on Paper

2009 - 2012  - San Francisco . Work on Paper and Computer Graphics, Audio 

 2013 - Painting large and small, works on Paper, Film, Audio. New studio at home.

2014 - Photography , work on paper, painting, and new digital works. Sound work and moving images.

2015 - Focus on Audio Work and Film. Large montage paintings, Mood Book and Drawing. Traveling.

2016 - New Works on Birch panel, Silk Scree Editions, Audio.

Finally I have space to paint.



Gallery Show Proposals

New Paintings - fresh new painting from San Francisco,

Fancy Shards  - New drawings. And sculpture installation.

Work on Paper  - Frame and Exhibit a collection of 36 drawings.

Photograph Show - Show selected large scale 22' x 30' photos.

Live Audio - new sounds from straight out of the sound card into the P.A.