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My name is philip ilatovsky aka futuristphil. I am a graphic designer, artist and musician and I practice creative discovery, exploration, expression and implementation. I was born in Moscow, educated in New England, and now operate out of San Francisco. This site is a portfolio of personal creative projects, a creative journal and an archive of most of my works to date. Enjoy!

 Current San Francisco studio.

Current San Francisco studio.

Western Massachusetts Studio, 2007- 2009

Art Practice Timeline

 pondering new works

pondering new works

1981 - 1989 First Drawings on paper Age 9.

1989 - 1993 Sketchbooks 

1993- 1997 Got my first 35mm Automatic Camera. Rolls and rolls of film over the years. 

1994 - 1997  Highschool Artroom Resident / Secret Darkroom Ops. 

1997 - 2001 Art School AIB, Computer arts and Painting.

2001 - 2004 - Painting Studio In Framingham Ma, MIll Building - Lost Paintings 

2004 - 2007  Brighton, Ma Collage , Painting years, Habitual Photography , Film and Recording Music Albums.

2007 - 2009 - Painting studio in Western Ma.  Collage and Oil on Canvas. Works on Paper

2009 - 2012  - San Francisco . Work on Paper and Computer Graphics, Audio 

 2013 - Painting large and small, works on Paper, Film, Audio. New studio at home.

2014 - Photography , work on paper, painting, and new digital works. Sound work and moving images.

2015 - Focus on Audio Work and Film. Large montage paintings, Mood Book and Drawing. Traveling.

2016 - New Works on Birch panel, Silk Scree Editions, Audio.

Finally I have space to paint.



Gallery Show Proposals

New Paintings - fresh new painting from San Francisco,

Fancy Shards  - New drawings. And sculpture installation.

Work on Paper  - Frame and Exhibit a collection of 36 drawings.

Photograph Show - Show selected large scale 22' x 30' photos.

Live Audio - new sounds from straight out of the sound card into the P.A.